August 21, 2011

The Language of Colour

"The whole world, as we experience it visually, comes to us through the mystic realm of colour. Our entire being is nourished by it. This mystic quality of should likewise find expression in a work of art." - Hans Huffmann

Colour has been seen as a powerful and important communication tool.  It is a visual language which can actually tell a person's emotions, behaviour and personality in each period of a life time.  What is your favourite colour?  And what does it say about you?  Let's find out!

Yellow: warm, exciting, happy, jealousy, hope.

Blue: deep, peaceful, supernatural, depression, confidence.

Green: peace, stillness, nature, inexperience, youth.

White: harmony, silence, cleanliness, cold, innocence.

Black: grief, dark, unknown, sexuality, formality.

Red: glowing, confidence, alive, violence, power.

Orange: radiant, healthy, serious, demanding of attention, Energy.

Image by lovedragontales via Seesaa


Brooke said...

Orange. I wish I was more healthy though!

- Felice - said...

Green has been my favourite at the moment :)

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