January 23, 2011

D.I.Y: Decorate Your Tags

There are many ways to make your tags look even better.  You don't have to spend much money, just simply use the elements you can find in the house, such as newspaper, wrapping paper, vintage buttons etc.  Here are some great ideas how we decorate the tags and would love to share it with you.    

a) paper doily + an image of a bird/butterfly/sweets from magazine + color rhinestone + alphabet stamps for the message

 b) die-cut paper flowers with different texture + glitter

c) a piece of white paper cut into 4x5cm + flower/leaf image stamp

d) pattern paper* + button
* you can use Japanese Masking Tape for replacement.

Shipping Tags - Mint/Lime Green are still available from etsy and big cartel.


Brooke said...

Wow these look great. I can't believe how you can make something look so good from a few basic items found around the house.

- Felice - said...

It is very simple. Please do try it at home :)

Lola G. said...

These are so lovely -- thank you for the inspiration!

- Felice - said...

Thank you, Lola. I'm glad that you enjoyed our DIY.

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